"For the gods, this is like the Kardashians. It’s a reality TV show with a really, really fucked-up family."

— Bill Shullenberger on the Odyssey (via slcteacherisms)


Bewildered as to why this girl has stepped between him and the condiment bar, but apathetic enough not to put the hot dog down.  Niall Horan, you are a Pandora’s box of emotions.



Tyler the creator: I don't like salad


Sometimes, Tumblr I want to tell you all these things about how important Harry and Louis are— how the huge fanbase that ships them is this huge and kind of wonderful thing and it could be so big for so many people. I want to babble about how my sister told me in the car the other day that she ships them— not just ships, has all the feelings ever about them and they make her emotional and she just— she told me they overwhelm her with how good they are together, okay? And like. That is this is huge thing— because there are all these girls out there who feel the same way about them- and guys. In 2016 a lot of those girls will be able to vote. That matters. And I want to talk about how maybe those girls will campaign for their high schools to not have stupid rules, so that all couples can go to prom together. Maybe those girls will stand up for a kid being bullied. Because of Harry and Louis.
I feel like so many of us come from this stand point where supporting LGBT things and rights and causes is just a given— of course we do, it’s beyond that for us. There are these girls though, and buried in the horrid trending topics and problematic language is support and love for what they assume to be a gay couple. (What Harry and Louis actually are or turn out to be is not the point here.) These are girls who look at them and see it as sweepingly romantic. That’s good. I mean, I’m not saying that all those fans will like, join GSAs or even register to vote or turn their tumblr reblogs into supporting things in life, but some of them will. I have hope that enough of them will. 
These are things I want to ramble at you about, tumblr. I could go on and on.


Librarians v. Google